My Choice to Live a Sober Life

After several years in the fast-paced industry of marketing &
communications, working hard and playing even harder, I switched careers and
decided to follow my true passion; that of health & wellness. I went back
to school, focused on my health, and started my practice as a Certified
Holistic Nutritionist.

I was doing all the healthy things; eating well, taking quality supplements,
green juices, working out, I felt like I was really living my healthiest life,
but there was one thing that was holding me back and that was was this desire
to drink. Without even a thought I had woven it into so many aspects of my
life; from times of celebration or sadness and many times in between, there was
rarely not a good time to have a glass of wine.

I really wanted to eliminate the desire to drink wine. I didn’t
like how it left me feeling, but I believed I’d feel deprived if I never drank
again. I would only give it up if I stepped into something way better.
Was it possible? It was worth a try.

At the start of the pandemic I decided it was time to eliminate it. I found
a coach that helped guide me through a different process; a way deeper way of
looking at things. I developed a new mindset, identified my core values,
discovered the power of connection, created new routines, habits and overall
healthier coping skills.

To that, I applied my knowledge of nutrition to replenish what had been lost
and support my body from the core. Something released. I felt stronger,
lighter, I actually referred to it as ‘euphoric’. I shifted my perspective and
replenished nutrients my body was lacking from years of passively consuming
wine. I already felt healthy, but the feeling I experienced was another level!
I had so much more energy, less inflammation, clear head; clearly alcohol was
taking more than it was giving without me even realizing it.

Fascinated by the connection between nutrition and alcohol use, I immersed
myself even further in education by earning my own Recovery Coach designation
to add to my services as a Holistic Nutritionist & Wellness Consultant. It
really is a journey and I get to meet people wherever they are on their path.
I’m so grateful to be able to share all the best practices from education and
experience to help others level-up their lives, find freedom and feel their
absolute best.