Choosing Nutrition & Wellness

My first career began in the public relations industry where I facilitated marketing programs for a wide variety of clients in the food and beverage, nutrition, consumer and healthcare sectors.

As a Mom of two, I struggled with taking care of myself, feeding my family well and juggling a full time job. I used to feel like ‘I could be doing it better’ but just didn’t have the knowledge, time or energy to commit to it making a change. On top of it all, one of my sons was diagnosed Autistic and was (is) very selective with his food. Naturally, I became very concerned with his diet and I wanted to be sure his behavioural challenges weren’t exacerbated by potential dietary gaps.

I stepped away from fifteen years in the communication business to focus on family and follow my true passion; that of food, wellness and helping others, and attended the Institute of Holistic Nutrition where I graduated with First Class Honours. The business I’ve created has allowed me to work individually with some incredible clients over the past several years in all different areas; digestion, blood sugar management, weight loss, allergies & sensitivities, and many others.

Life is still moving at a fast pace, but the changes I’ve implemented (for myself, my family and my clients) certainly make it more manageable and a lot more fun!