Lisa Gilbert Coaching

Nourishing Body & Mind

for a Vibrant Life

As a Holistic Nutritionist & Certified Recovery Coach, I help provide physical support by cultivating nutrition strategies and fostering a shift in mindset through self-awareness, lifestyle modification & resources.

Nutrition Consultation

I provide individual, holistic nutrition consulting to help you meet your goals and address any challenges that might be preventing you from feeling your best. 

Recovery Coaching

I coach women though an examination of their relationship with alcohol. Whether they are simply curious about sobriety and wellness or if they’re ready to completely remove the desire to drink, we clarify their intention and work our way forward to meet their goals

Corporate Wellness

Managing the health & wellbeing of employees has never been as important as it is now. I empower and inspire employees to make healthy lifestyle choices through creative offerings tailored to the needs of your organization.

I empower individuals to reclaim control in their lives by fuelling both body and mind with vital nutrients for a healthy life.


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